Track: Public Safety & Security

TNO and Dutch police together building a Legal Weed Chain

Building a chain of smart contracts for licensing, quality checking and distributing weed, creating a viable digital infrastructure for the legalization of weed. 

The Winning Solution - Cellblock 42

CellBlock42, a team of Dutch research institution TNO, built a solution, where both the consumers stay anonymous and the Dutch National Police can see who has grown the weed when needed. Full provenance in growing, selling and buying, with the use of an app to scan and check its origins and type.

Trust in this space is a big thing. The supply chain use case differs massively from other products, as there are far more enforcing and different approaches and laws to this topic in various countries. The better the providence, the more countries are willing to accept, for example, medicinal uses of marijuana and get it out of the grey areas of law.

In the supply chain for (legal) weed, there is a lack of trust between cannabis users, government and suppliers. Blockchain technology makes it possible to prove conclusively that the weed that is bought by the consumer actually comes from a legal supply chain, and everyone has complied to the agreed rules, without the parties being able to tamper with it.

“This solution towards legalizing and handling weed helps transparency and reduces organized crime. It’s very practical and very easy to get involved.”

Theo van der Plas, Director Cybercrime and Digitalization at the Dutch National Police​

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas

All 15 relevant topics for building and growing the solution of a team are present in this canvas. Beginning at the top left, with problem and MVP, to impact on society in the middle and legal and technical challenges on the right. The bottom is reserved for acceleration of the solution.

The solution in three slides



The teams have been challenged to explain their solution in three slides. During the awards show, the winners presented these solutions on stage to the blockchain ecosystem.

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Runner-up: Cyber Peacekeeping

World’s first blockchain based cyber incident reporting platform that facilitates international, public and private partnerships between law enforcement agencies, large organisations and SME.

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas