Track: Health

kickstart your own medical research

Redefining the way biobanks and researchers do medical research by enabling patients to take control and kickstart medical research themselves.


The Winning Solution - Consense

When approaching the challenges in the Health track it becomes clear that a solution needs to be a system that incentivizes sharing of data, while maintaining self-sovereignty for patients. Team Consense is closing the gap between the research community and patients’ data, with a matchmaking platform. Every participant can set preferences for sharing data. Researchers’ requests are linked to these preferences, which are fully GDPR compliant. The proof of consent is added to the blockchain.

Liberating enormous amounts of data, which are currently stuck in biobanks, will boost medical research. Having enough data is fundamental for getting funding for research. Individuals can see the value and result of studies with their data, regulators can check the research and researchers always have acces to the latest data.

The centrality of self-sovereignty incentivizes patients to share data and – according to the canvas – is a main motivator for the system. The desired outcome, accelerating medical research, also acts as a motivator for possible participants as it is beneficial to society. By aligning goal, process, instruments and societal context, Consense created a solution that spurs, supports and accelerates medical research.

Thereby, Consense’s solution addressed the challenges as put forth by the Health track sponsors, and went beyond it by creating a matchmaking platform for the health sector in which participants are incentivized to participate, thrusting medical research forward.

“With our Lifelines cohort study of 160.000 people and 30 years, having a GDPR marketplace will boost our research and that of others.”

Henk Snapper, CFO at UMCG

"You actually save lives by doing this, so congratulations!"

Ron Roozendaal, CIO at the Dutch Ministry of Health

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas

All 15 relevant topics for building and growing the solution of a team are present in this canvas. Beginning at the top left, with problem and MVP, to impact on society in the middle and legal and technical challenges on the right. The bottom is reserved for acceleration of the solution.

The solution in two slides

The teams have been challenged to explain their solution in three slides, Consense did it in two. During the awards show, the winners presented these solutions on stage to the blockchain ecosystem.

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Runner-up: Health Unchained

“We are not doing rocket science and using all kinds of innovative technology. Our focus is to get the problem solved”. This no-nonsense approach seems to be working as they received positive feedback from the track sponsors.

Integrated timeline of all caretakers actions with one patient hospitalized at home, enabling the healthcare profs to act on acute events in the future. Control of data with the patient!

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas