Track: Energy Transition

Preventing 100.000 households from being cut off from energy every year

Imagine being fully in control of the energy you create and use. Switching utility providers effortlessly, based on a smart contract with your preferences and settings.

The Winning Solution - Bencom

When switching between energy suppliers, there is always a period in which the parties involved do not have the same information about the status of the switch. For the energy market, these are at least the following parties; the current supplier, the future supplier and the operator. When a consumer changes energy supplier, the future supplier often doesn’t communicate the switch to the operator until after the legal period of 14 days has passed, where the consumer is allowed to change it’s mind. Usually this is not a problem, but when moving houses this often leads to confusion between the parties involved. The customer is the victim in this case and is not able to get unambiguous information from one of the parties mentioned. Yearly in The Netherlands, 50.000 to 100.000 households are unnecessarily cut off from energy when moving between houses.

Before the blockchain technology it would not be possible to take care of this at a neutral/decentralized location. It always has to be controlled by one of the parties or even a third party. That is a problem, because no one wants to create a situation where a party gets a monopoly on the information, because everyone will be depending on that party. For example that party has the power to change or set rules and even the data, without any checks from the involved parties.

Team Bencom has designed a track-and-trace system that keeps all parties informed on the status of a switch, providing insight for all parties. The blockchain is used for the “single source of truth” and the guarantee of privacy. The project is focused on solving a very concrete and very real problem. Moreover, it is very scalable. Perhaps the strongest point is that the project is universal for all transitions, regardless of which market or country. In terms of technical execution the project is praised, Better Code Hub awarded the team for their clean code with a 10/10 score!

Getting cut off from energy suppliers has been a big problem since the start of computerized administration. Mashing this might seem a small improvement, but it is one which impacts the 50 million people in Europe moving house every year.  This saves a lot of money for energy companies and empowers the consumers, as they always have clear insight in the information the companies have.

"For us the team has developed a solution which creates an atmosphere of seamless switching. It is directly applicable and easily scalable.”

Erik Suichies, Vice-President B2B Consumers NL at NUON / Vattenfall

“What particularly struck us was that the solution can be used in other sectors too, the team thought about scalability and the ecosystem in building.”

Petra Smeets, CIO at Gasunie

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas

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The solution in three slides



The teams have been challenged to explain their solution in three slides. During the awards show, the winners presented these solutions on stage to the blockchain ecosystem.

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Merve Guvendik: Energy transition track winner is the Bencom team!

Merve Guvendik: How to make the energy transition possible with blockchain technology?

Runner-up: Pepitas

Team Pepitas has connected all the data in a household, such as energy, water consumption, isolation, window thickness, in one platform and secured it with blockchain technology for multiple uses.

Team Pepitas also made a point about participating with an all-female team, countering some of the gender assumptions associated with blockchain and hackathons.

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas