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The house that thinks for you

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A digital infrastructure that enables houses to manage upkeep as an autonomous enitity and provides house owners with fitting house improvement suggestions.

The Winning Solution - The Ledger

A self-conscious house that manages all your house related bills and home improvements, which is capable of monitoring government issued subsidies and apply for these when the house framework matches the subsidy. This way, the house owner is relieved of house-related management tasks and the need for being aware of each government issued subsidy. Only recognized contractors are able to join the reversed marketplace where they can bid for house related jobs like installing solar panels. The house will suggest the most fitting contractor, however, the final decision lies with the house owner. The government benefits from this systems as it can monitor the progress of its subsidies and tailor it if needed.

You used the APIs of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and of the Dutch Cadastre - collaborated with everyone - and you made something truly special

Ben Schuttenbeld - Operations Manager Dutch Chamber of Commerce

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas

All 15 relevant topics for building and growing the solution of a team are present in this canvas. Beginning at the top left, with problem and MVP, to impact on society in the middle and legal and technical challenges on the right. The bottom is reserved for acceleration of the solution.

The solution in three slides



The teams have been challenged to explain their solution in three slides. During the awards show, the winners presented these solutions on stage to the blockchain ecosystem.

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New Kids on the Block

Right now, everyone pays the same for a parking license, regardless of use. These New Kids on the Block want to change that, by creating a de facto ‘pay for what you use’ system, by allowing you to sell the parking time you are not utilizing back to the municipality. In the long term, you will be able to sell it to market as well. At this stage, they see options to do local testing with guest parking licenses to grow the use case and expand implementation over time.

The Blockchaingers Hackathon Impact Canvas