Co-creating the next operating system for our society

From 5 – 8 April, the Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018 took place in Groningen, The Netherlands. 64 teams created state-of-the-art blockchain solutions for global challenges in an exponential setting of co-creation. Check out the track pages for all winning solutions.

Global Digital Identity

Being totally in charge of your personal digital identity leads to new possibilities in interaction, in an easy and trusted way.

Future of Pensions

Pensions have always been about creating life-security for its customers. Imagine securing your future!

Energy Transition

Imagine being fully in control of the energy you create and use. Come take a look at the awesome solutions!


How would the industry change and become more effective when data is instantly available, standardized and verified when needed?

Public Safety and Security

What if the police can easily verify you are a trusted and skilled programmer without them knowing who you are?

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Digital Nation Infrastructure

Imagine being able to steer an entire country's digital infrastructure into the future. Come take a look at the amazing solutions!

Machine Ecosystems

What if machines operate autonomous on the blockchain? This ecosystem could behave totally different from what we expect today. So let’s explore how we could use building blocks.

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